Dance Class – Morriston – Total Dancing

Dance Class – Morriston

Sacred Heart - Morriston, Swansea

Thursday Evenings from 4th May


In conjunction with Let's Dance Wales, we are hosting Ballroom and Swing dancing classes at the Sacred Heart hall in Morriston, Swansea every Thursday evening. The classes are aimed at beginner level dancers - people with little to no knowledge of dancing. We aim to create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and get you moving confidently on the dance floor quickly!


The dances are taught in blocks starting from the first Thursday of the month, which then build up each week so you will have a short routine of moves and a number of techniques to perfect by the end of the month. The dance style changes each month to keep things interesting and for you to get a taster of each style. If you miss a week, don't worry! We go over previous weeks moves before moving on and we will make sure you catch up in no time. Our aim is that you go away having enjoyed yourself!

7pm - Ballroom 

May - Waltz   June - Quickstep   July - Tango   August - Foxtrot


Come and learn the classic Ballroom dances, just like what you see on Strictly! From the elegant Waltz to the fiery Tango, Smooth Foxtrot and the quickety quickstep, we aim to get you moving around the dance floor quickly. So, whether you want to learn a new dance for a special event, start a new hobby or want to meet new people, our Ballroom dance class is the ideal opportunity.


ballroom class swansea

8pm - Swing / Lindy Hop / Charleston


Join us at our Swing dancing classes where you will learn the Lindy Hop and Charleston. Dances straight from the Savoy Ballroom, full of life, energy and character! Learn all of Frankie Manning's favourite and fun moves and get swinging-out in no time! We start with our 'swing circle' short routine which will teach you the basic moves and leads before building up to the harder stuff!

A little more about Swing Dancing / Lindy Hop

A dance style created in the heart of New York City in Harlem during the 1920's and 1930's, Lindy hop, so named after aviator Charles Lindberg's non-stop flight from New York to Paris, the 'Lindberg  Hop' was a fusion of jazz, tap and the Charleston. It is a totally improvised dance where there is a leader and a follower moving to 6 or 8 counts of music and became incredibly popular in the 30's with the inclusion of aerial moves, created by Frankie Manning who was inspired by the circus acts at the time.


Event - Swing Pit with Scott Cupit

Here are a few clips of the 1920's Charleston and some lindy hop 'swing-out' variations from the all day workshop run by Let's Dance Wales and Scott Cupit (Swing Patrol London) last year. We run a lot of fun events throughout the year and we welcome you to join us on the dance floor, enjoy yourselves and meet new friends! Check out the EVENTS PAGE to find out more.

How to find us

The Sacred Heart Centre is located in Morriston, Swansea. Postcode for your satnav: SA6 6HX


The hall is located opposite the church and the entrance is on the side of the building. The postcode above will take you directly to the side of the building with the entrance. As you enter, we are in the back hall which is on the right as you go in. Parking is quite tight next to the building but there is lots of space opposite the main road and around the residential area. Check out the link below for downloadable instructions provided by the centre.