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Your First Dance Lesson

Common Questions


Going to your first dance class can be a very daunting experience, but not to worry! We are here to help make you feel as comfortable as possible and you will definitely be making lots of new friends by joining in!! To help you out just that little bit more, here are the answers to some of our more frequently asked questions when taking part in your first dance lesson.


What shoes do I wear?

Comfortable ones! Preferably with a smoother sole so you can spin on them a bit without too much resistance. Feel free to buy some dancing shoes but to start with, just wear something comfy and see how they feel after a few classes.


Ok, What else should I wear?

Now the shoes are sorted, the rest of you should be comfortable too! There is no dress code – we don’t expect everyone to turn up looking like they’ve come straight from the set of Strictly. We recommend trousers over jeans so you can move about a little easier and a loose fitting top. Most people wear something smart casual but remember that you will probably get a little hot!


Anything else I should bring?

Just bring yourself, a positive attitude and a drink when attending a class with no bar facilities. We recommend brining a towel or a change of clothes if you come along to one of our all night dance events – it tends to get a little sweaty!


How old is everyone?

We have a whole host of ages attend the classes! Don’t feel like you can’t come along because you’re too old or too young. We have people all the way from 18 to 70+ attend! Everyone is welcome and you will make many friends in your first dance class.


Do I need a partner?

In our Salsa and Swing dancing classes, we change partners so you get to meet and dance with everyone else in the class (you don’t have to change if you’d rather learn with one person!), but most people who attend the Ballroom and Latin classes tend to come with a partner. There are usually a few people who come alone, but let us know and we can try and arrange someone for you to dance with regularly so you don’t miss out!


I have two left feet, I couldn’t possibly take part!

Okay, this isn’t a question as such…but it doesn’t matter! We were all beginners once! If you have two left feet, two right feet or walk upside-down, we will help you become a smooth looking dancer in no time. We teach all levels from complete beginners and up, giving you all of the techniques and moves you need to make you look good on the floor!



So there you have it! Nothing to worry about! Your first dance lesson will be a very pleasant experience and hope that the world of dance becomes your new favourite hobby! If you still have any questions, feel free to contact me at – and I will do my best to help you.

See you in class,

Jon B