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Private Dance Lessons

Want to improve quickly? You need some private dance lessons!


We get many enquiries for private lessons – they are a great way for you to improve your dancing quickly and help give you the confidence you need to be at your best on the dance floor. You can be any level of dancer to enjoy and benefit from the lessons and you will receive one-to-one coaching which focusses on exactly what you want to improve. They are very tailor made for your needs.

Private lessons are typically held during the daytime at a number of different halls in the area, but also can be taught in your own home if you prefer – as long as you have a decent sized space and a wooden floor!


There are many reasons why you may want to have private coaching:

a) Perhaps you are a beginner and need a little push and a little more confidence before coming to a class (don’t worry, we get lots of people who go this route). Private classes will make sure you aren’t left behind!

b) You are wanting more than what the classes offer. You are somewhat addicted to dancing and want to push yourself further than the level taught in class. Maybe you fancy learning some dips, tricks or even aerial moves!

c) You want to go over what you have already learned in class and looking to spend some time practicing and making it look as smooth and amazing as it can be! It’s always about the way you do it.

d) Maybe you are looking to learn something a bit different – a wedding dance, a routine you have seen online or at another class, a specific move or even a dance we don’t currently offer in your area.


For whatever the reason, private dance lessons will definitely help you become a better dancer more quickly and confidently than before. If you are interested, please email us at with your goals and availability and book your lessons today.

Jon B